The General

(HD, 22 min, Turkey/ USA, 2016)

A tragicomedy shot at different Turkish ideological sites; the actress, Scheherazade, in a generic 'Gaddafi' jacket switches roles, but remains The General throughout. Film theories, cinematographies and their histories are implemented:
She reads a Trotsky speech at his decaying house on the Bosphoros, (once owned by the Ottoman chief of secret police).
As Camille Paglia, she is interviewed in an Istanbul hotel room, flirting with the male interviewer, while quoting Teresa de Lauretis.
In Cappadocia, at the cave dwellings where Pasolini made Medea, she reenacts the scene on the passing of matriarchy.
At Mount Ararat's site of Noah's arc, she subverts a youtube Michigan Militia character as an eco warrior, only to realise there are no animals left there.
She walks in silence through an 'empty' mall during Ramadan, carrying a large gold shopping bag, for capitalism and charity.
A Sufi music subtext scene alludes to Omar Khayyam's poems, in a discussion between Day and Night, and the impossibility of their meeting.

Within ideology itself, The General and the general population are binaries, yet within these subjectivities, parts of concepts can appeal, be 'true' and useful for the individual.