The General

(HD, 22 min, Turkey/ USA, 2015)

A tragicomedy (now somewhat prophetic), shot at different Turkish historically/ ideologically loaded sites: Scheherazade as storyteller switches roles, yet remains 'The General' who regards the 'general population', throughout.
Film history references (Goddard, Pasolini), film reenactments & cinematographies, political theory (Monique Wittig, Trotsky), cultural YouTube stereotypes, lovers' poetry - venture through the colonialist gaze, capitalismthe beginnings of agriculture, identity politics, etc., to explore impossibilities & usefulness of inclusion, of any individual within an ideology.


"The underlying assumption behind political conflicts that did not lead to repression and oppression of those disputing orthodoxy has always been the belief that people could be convinced to join a side with ideas and arguments. The representational politics of the past was about convincing people that certain political ideas and policies supported their interests. Identity politics is now claiming that our identities, not our reason, determine our opinions, interests and the political platforms we should be supporting. If our identities determine our interests and our identities are based mainly on the demographics we belong to, or specific identity related experiences, the possibilities for compromise and for convincing others belonging to different identity groups, through ideas and reason, will become extremely limited."
('Universalism and the Courage to Change Society', By Christine Louis Dit Sully, 2018)

Trotsky's home in exile on Buyakada Island, Istanbul, formerly home to the Ottoman Chief of Secret Police