Aphrodite project

2 films, 20-photo panel, drawings

Solo show, Art Gallery Tecopa, Death Valley, 04/13/19 thru summer

Next screenings: Hazel Eye Film Festival Nashville, Tennessee/ CalArts Expo 2019 Los Angeles/ Tlanchana Fest (film & digital art), Mexico/ MicroActs (artist film) London/ Newlyn Film Festival, Cornwall; recently at The Table chaired by LUX curator in residence, London

screenshot still, 16mm motion picture film, 3 mins
- from a meditation at the Mediterranean Aphrodite temple, ancient site overlooking the sea, considered her birth place: touch & gentleness of women's space as feminist, necessary, healing and contemporary; sound is the voices of water, precognitive, immersive, trance

Evening Star 

screenshot stills, HD, 20 min, shot on residency at Art Gallery Tecopa, CA

- a desert hot springs bathhouse at night under Venus, in her Evening Star aspect: water, static and grain allude to love and sex as dissolving principles; formal landscape as body.
Sound hypnotically intensifies the narrative through liminal space, as the stranger approaches the homestead, bathhouse... then leaves. Mid-century desert architecture, Modernist abstraction, the western, are juxtaposed with their indigenous counterpart which always speaks from the land.